Lititz police investigate suspicious fires

Lititz police are investigating a string of suspicious fires over the last week.

According to Sgt. Kerry Nye, the first incident occurred early last Wednesday morning when someone stuffed newspaper and kindling into the gas tank of a car on the 200-block of East Main Street and ignited it. Luckily the flames died down quickly, Nye said.

“Obviously it is scary when you come out and realize someone could have ignited your car in flames,” he said.

During the overnight hours on Friday, two garbage cans were also lit on fire in the same neighborhood at Noble and Market streets.

Then at around 3:30 Wednesday morning, someone ignited an office chair and placed it into the middle of the 600-block of Cedar Street.

While damage was minimal in all four cases, Nye said investigators believe the incidents are connected, and they are concerned.

“These incidents tend to get bigger and bigger (over time),” he said.

Police urge anyone who sees something suspicious in the overnight hours, particularly between 12:00 and 4:00 a.m. to call 911 immediately — don't wait until morning.

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