Harrisburg resident gets help from city about neighboring property

A couple of weeks ago we explained the plight facing Harrisburg resident Jackie Wenrich. She was living next door to an overgrown property that also reeked of a decaying mammal of some sort.

The city promised to come out July 10 to clear it out, and as we found out on Friday….they did.

“And I was shocked. I was really shocked,” said Wenrich. But what about the smell? “The smell's gone. The bugs aren't, but the smell is.”

The city workers said they didn't find a decaying carcass, but Jackie is convinced there was a dead dog in the yard.

Jackie and some of her neighbors say this is better, but not best.

Elista Vennie and others would like to see the vacant house be boarded up.

“Squatters were coming in here and living, and they were doing drugs and alcohol and stuff in there,” she said.

Wenrich says she is 95 percent happy. There is still some garbage sitting on the property, and she says the mayor told her they would come out and spray for bugs. Still she acknowledged the Thompson administration lived up to its word.

“Have to hand it to the city. Yes, I was very, very doubtful that they were going to come out, and lo and behold they made a liar out of me…and I'm glad for it.”

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