Harrisburg man saved daughter, nephew from fire

The last time Edward Daniels was at his home it was in flames. 

“I look to the left … everything was in flames, ” he said. “So I run up the stairs, I grab my daughter and taken her down and give her to my girlfriend. I ran back upstairs and grabbed my nephew and bring him downstairs. And then they told me not to go back in but I had to go back in because I had no diapers and no covers for my baby.”

More than a day later, what he couldn't grab from his Susquehanna Street home lay in ruins.

“We have got to start all over again from scratch,” he said.

Daniels and his family are among the 13 adults, five children and three pets displaced by two Monday morning arsons in Harrisburg

The downstairs bedroom he shared with girlfriend and newborn was destroyed. Nothing is salvageable from his mother's upstairs bedroom. 

The damage can be seen from the outside too. Taking a look back is hard for Daniels to do.

“Its kind of devastating. It kind of hurts,” he said. “I just don't understand how people can do that.”

His family, who did not have insurance, is now staying at a nearby Days Inn.

The experience is one his week-old daughter won't remember, but Dad will gladly remind her about it for many years to come.

“I wanted to be a hero to my daughter,” he said. “I'll be like, “Well, you were 7-days-old [and] that was me that got you up out of there.”

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