Busy weekend underway in Hershey

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On Friday it felt like no matter what direction you went, you were going to hit traffic.

The normal stop-and-go around Chocolate Town appeared to worsen because of the holiday weekend and a concert that drew nearly 30,000. The music group One Direction was the act on stage.

However it looks like the problem is going to linger for residents and visitors alike on Saturday. One Direction has another show scheduled that is expected to draw another 30,000, and many anticipate a packed Hersheypark too.

The seasonal traffic is something residents seem to tolerate, but the up-tick appears to be wearing on some locals' nerves.

“The past three days it's been really bad,” Hershey's Laura Whitcomb said on Friday. “Honestly it does get a little bit annoying, but you just deal with it.”

Saturday's One Direction concert is set to start at 7:30 p.m.

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