History a group hobby for reenactor family

A little polish and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, and David Hazen's 12-pound Napoleon cannon shines like new.

Cast in 1863, the cannon is as old as the Battle of Gettysburg and will be fired up again during 150th anniversary events this weekend.

Hazen and his family came from New Jersey to represent the 6th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment, and says the cannon causes quite a few strange looks as they travel the country for Civil War reenactments.

“When people go down the road they are like, they're looking at you,” he said.

Hazen used to get those strange looks from daughter Rebecca, who admits that as a teenager she thought her parents were a little crazy for taking part in Civil War reenactments.

She's since reconsidered and is now part of a growing group of women known as reenactresses.

“My father was out on the cannon and I wanted to be there with him,” she said.

During the Civil War, there were women who cooked in the camps, nursed the wounded, and even disguised themselves as men and fought in combat.

This weekend, Rebecca will stand with the Union army, her father and her husband.

“They started singing 'God Bless America' and the Star Spangled Banner and I got a little teary eyed,” she said. “You feel a connection.”


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