Harrisburg to close pool after 4th of July

On a hot and humid day, the Jackson Lick Pool on North 6th Street is a good place to be. City officials say about 125 people use it a day.

But the city is planning to close the pool after the 4th of July weekend because they discovered the pool was leaking lots of water.

“We started looking at our water bills and they're really excessively high for a very small period of time,” city engineer Paul Francis said. “We're up at about a half million gallons a week to charge that pool.”

The city has to find out where the leak is. Workers opened a few manholes and found the water was heading right into the sewer system. City officials hate having to close the pool for any amount of time, but for this cash-strapped city there is simply no choice.

“All that water we're spending money for, we're sending down to the sewage treatment plant and paying to treat it before we release it into the Susquehanna,” Francis said.

The pool is not a youngster any more. It was built in 1968 and rehabbed in 1988 and in 2005. An official with the city said they would be trying to look into grant money to help find a fix, but that it might be too late this for this summer.

This same issue happened last year to the pool at Hall Manor. That pool remains closed.


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