Harrisburg school board passes budget

Seasons come and seasons go. For the Harrisburg School District, the passing of a 2013-2014 plan marked the end of budget season. School officials say this year it was much smoother than last.

Wednesday night, the Harrisburg school board passed a budget for next school year by a 9-0 vote. The $141 million plan includes a 3.5 percent property tax increase; much less than the nearly 10 percent proposed in the past.

The budget also includes a 5 percent cut to teacher pay, but no layoffs or furloughs.

Passing the balanced budget is part of the district's recovery plan. School officials hope residents understand the need for the tax increase.

“We went on a line that I think is sustainable for the city, plus down the road we might not need that tax increase … that's what I am kind of hoping for,” board member Brendan Murray said.

The school board also hired a recruitment firm to search for the district's chief financial officer. They expect to start interviewing candidates next month.


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