Community donates new home to double amputee marine

Some say, freedom is not free. For Marine Sergeant Zack Stinson, the cost of freedom included losing both of his legs in battle.

Zack stepped on an IED during a foot patrol in Afghanistan in November of 2010.

Since then he has spent his time recovering with the help of his wife and daughter.

On Saturday, members of the Chambersburg community wanted to show Zack his sacrifice would not go unnoticed.

More than 100 bikers from 10 motorcycle groups gathered to go for a ride. They met in the Shippensburg High School parking lot and ended their drive at the sight of Zack's future home.

Thanks to the efforts of Homes For Troops and other donations, the Stinson's will have a new home designed to allow Zack to regain his independence.

“This is built around my disability and I will be able to anything if I am in my legs or wheel chair,” said Zack.

Donations for the project included a personal check from Wayne Nicarey for $25,000.

Wayne said standing next to Zack at the ground breaking ceremony for the new home was humbling. “Just to be beside Zack and his wife…that meant the world to us.”

Organizers say this isn't charity, it's about giving back to someone who gave so much of himself to serve this country.

For Marine Sergeant Zack Stinson, a new home means a new chapter. “The journey started November 9, 2010 and once this house is complete, that will be the end of it.”

The Stinson's home should be finished within four to six months.

A representative for Homes For Our Troops told us the cost of the land and construction on the house is around $400,000.

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