Teen forgoes birthday gifts to collect donations

A York County teenager is turning her special day into a special gift for someone else.

When Hayley Althoff of Red Lion celebrates her 15th birthday this weekend, she won't be accepting presents. She'll be accepting donations for a home-building project done by York Habitat for Humanity.

“I've grown up with Habitat since my mom's an executive director,” Althoff said. “And I've worked with disabled children before, so when I found out they were helping a disabled child and his family, I just wanted to do more.”

The folks involved are the Hanline family. They need a handicapped accessible home for 13-year-old Allen who needs a special walker, but can't use one in his current rental home.

“I'm actually looking toward building a ramp for Allen so he could go from outside to inside since he can't use stairs, or just giving them donations to go toward the house,” Althoff said.

Habitat is still hoping to build by September. They were unable to build on a lot that was originally donated to them because the neighbors there didn't want them.

But Habitat is hoping to find a building-approved lot or an existing rancher that can be modified. There is an extra feeling of urgency because the Hanline's rental home is being sold and they have to move out.

“She has to be out of that home by the end of August,” said Hayley's mother, Debbie Krout-Althoff, who is also executive director of York Habitat for Humanity. “It's just been one unfortunate circumstance after the other and it's such a wonderful family that we really just hope that there is an angel out there that hears our plea and helps us provide a home for this family.”


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