PennDOT unveils website with 10-year plan

The state Department of Transportation unveiled a new website Friday that shows how and where new transportation funding would be invested across Pennsylvania if a long-term solution is approved by the legislature.

The Decade of Investment website,, shows projects that could be funded over the next 10 years through three scenarios: no additional funding, Gov. Tom Corbett's proposed level of funding, and the funding-level proposal in Senate Bill 1.

PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch said the website is a tool for the public to see how their area would benefit from additional funding.

Both Corbett's $1.8 billion plan and the $2.5 billion plan under Senate Bill 1 would increase fees and gasoline taxes to pay for additional funding for roads, bridges and mass transit, which are frequently criticized and widely considered among the worst in the nation.

Corbett has said he wants transportation funding, pension reform, and liquor privatization on his desk with the state budget, but that deadline is now nine days away.


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