North Londonderry residents want answers on dig

The Department of Environmental Protection teamed up with North Londonderry Township Police for an investigation after authorities received a report that hazardous material could be buried near the former 422 Auto Sales on East Main Street.

Police said the tip was connected to the infamous Bad Boys Toys investigation. The old shop is nearby, and some of its owners used to own the auto shop. It was the site of a building that was torn down.

DEP received the tip months ago, according to officials. In a news release they said, “The Department of Environmental Protection is assisting the local police department in an ongoing investigation based on information the department received through complaints.”

Officials said residents have no reason to worry. However, residents and business owners alike wish they knew more.

“We obviously want to know what's going on. Let the community know if its something that's dangerous or harmful. We don't even know what it is,” said Michael Mason, owner of Flattline Auto Sales and Service.

Investigators were digging at the site on Thursday, did
not say what they were looking for Thursday. The scene was cleared on Friday.

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