Four Midstate charities on ’50 worst’ list

Several organizations teamed up to research the worst charities in America and four of the 50 worst offenders are from the Midstate.

CNN partnered with The Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting to showcase a year-long investigation into America's worst charities.

The investigation focused on the last 10 years of available tax filings and based the results on cash paid to solicitors in that time and money spent on direct cash aid.

The Children's Cancer Recovery fund, based out of Hershey, was listed at number 11 for $26.7 million dollars paid to solicitors over 10 years versus 0.6% of direct cash spent on aid, according to the article.

Ranking 24th on the list was The Veterans Fund, based in Port Trevorton.  The authors allege the charity received $15.7 million in the last 10 years, and used $12.9 million of that for solicitors, while only spending 2.3% on aid.

The Survivors and Victims Empowered, based out of Lancaster, ranked 42 on the list for raising $7.7 million in 10 years, spending $4.8 million on solicitors, and spending absolutely no money on direct cash aid.

Lastly, The American Foundation for Children with Aids (AFCA) in Harrisburg came in at number 46. According to the article, the nonprofit raised $5.2 million in a decade, spent $3million on solicitors, and also spent no money on direct cash aid.

The executive director of the AFCA, Tanya Weaver, says that's because the core group of people they aid are children in Africa, and they would never send cash there for obvious reasons.

Instead, Weaver told abc27 most of the aid the organization sends is in the form of medication, medical supplies, food and food supplies. Weaver said she has detailed records to prove it.

Weaver sent abc27 a statement which reads in part: 

“AFCA was unjustly included in this compilation. We are acutely aware of the damaging impact this type of negative press will have on our organization. Losing even a single donor means those children we support will not receive the life-saving medicines they so desperately need. Accordingly, we are issuing this rebuttal to correct the article's inaccurate and misleading statements about AFCA.”

“AFCA takes great pride in being a committed financial steward of every dollar donated, directing a remarkably high percentage of the financial and goods-in-kind resources it receives to improve the lives of the children our organization serves. Every year since 2005, we have consistently sent 92% or more of all donations we receive to our African partners who serve the children in our programs.”


To read the full CNN/Tampa Bay Times/Center for Investigative Reporting:

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