York County man takes his game to the streets

In his
college days, it was the game Dylan Acker and his buddies wanted to play at
tail-gating parties. But bocce ball didn't work well. There was not enough
space and the playing surface was too hard. So, Acker and two classmates
designed their own street version of the centuries old game.

can play it on macadam,” explained Acker. “You can play it on
concrete. In city parks. Pretty much any area you have a hard surface, our game
and our balls suit that surface.”

Acker says
the key to street bocce are the custom designed balls, filled with millet,
stitched inside a hybrid plastic and leather cover.

allows the ball to not only keep its shape when it rolls, but it's also soft
enough that it won't roll away and basically stays in the playing

The game
includes a pair of collapsible wooden backboards that convert any parking area
into a temporary playing court.

basically super suitable for using in a very populated and crowded tail-gating
environment,” said Acker.

Game rules
and scoring are based on the original game, but can be adjusted for time and
space available. Acker says the street version of the game was a hit among
tailgaters at Yankee Stadium and the Phillie's home opener earlier in the
spring. Many who tried the new game liked the game's quick set up and tear down
time and minimal storage space. Standard game set and carry bag sells for

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