Health inspector leaves Harrisburg

Fourteen months after he was hired, Cornelius Johnson has decided to leave his position as Harrisburg's health inspector for a job with a higher salary.

Mayor Linda Thompson said Thursday that she wished Johnson had stayed, and called him a “talented” individual.

According to Thompson, Johnson wanted a $10,000 raise from his annual $40,000 salary. She said she denied Johnson's request out of principle.

“No one in this administration since I've been in office has gotten a pay raise,” she said. “To take a person who was leaving because they want more money or they got more money from another position would absolutely demoralize morale, and I wasn't going to risk it.”

Johnson left for a $50,000 job with Susquehanna Township.

Thompson said director of codes Dave Patton would fill in until the city replaces Johnson with a certified health inspector. Patton filled a similar role for nine months after previous health inspector Heather Kreeger left in June 2011.

Harrisburg has more than 400 restaurants and eateries. Pennsylvania law requires an annual inspection of food establishments.

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