Police: Harrisburg store owner illegally sold liquor, cigarettes

A Harrisburg grocery store owner has been arrested for illegally selling marijuana, liquor and cigarettes at his business in the 1500 block of Herr Street, city police said Thursday.

Hakim Williams, 26, faces charges he ran a corrupt organization, dealt in proceeds from unlawful activity, and was in possession of unstamped cigarettes, police said.

According to a police news release, the city's vice unit began investigating the D&L Grocery Store in March, and undercover detectives posing as street level criminals sold more than $2,000 worth of cigarettes to Williams while he operated the store.

Williams was allowed to believe that the cigarettes were stolen, and he then sold the cigarettes at a very high profit margin, police said.

The detectives bought marijuana and untaxed bottles of liquor from Williams at the store, and a number of Department of Welfare identification cards and PennDOT driver licenses were seized during a search of the business last month, police said.

The Department of Public Welfare, Liquor Control Enforcement, and the Department of Treasury are conducting their own investigations.

Police said Williams was seen carrying a handgun while working in the store and has a permit to do so, but added that the situation was considered dangerous due to the illegal activity in which he engaged.

They said the area around the store has been a gathering place for young people and children.

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