Pa. Revenue workers say building odor made them sick

A union representing state employees said it will file grievances on behalf of workers at a Department of Revenue building who were sent home early Wednesday after complaining of an odor of fumes.

A union representative told abc27 News that one grievance would complain about the health and safety of the building at 17th and Brookwood streets in Harrisburg, and a second would address the lost time some workers had due to poor working conditions.

Department of General Services spokesman Troy Thompson said the fumes were coming into the building while a contractor was working on the roof.

The odor is not believed to be toxic, but two employees told abc27 news that it caused some people to become sick.

“It was terrible,” said Lori Coffey. “When they started, we started to get a really bad stench and I mean it, we were getting light-headed, our eyes were burning and I was getting a headache.”

“There were fumes inside the building that were making people sick,” said Crystal Singiser, a Revenue Department employee. “I mean, there were a couple of people who threw up.”

Workers have been moved to the back of the building where the air quality is better, and work on the roof has been suspended.

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