Protestors gather at Capitol to protest genetically modified foods

Protesters are calling attention to the dangers of genetically modified foods in 250 cities around the world, including here in Harrisburg this weekend.

The 'March Against Monsanto' kicked off at the Capitol steps on Saturday morning. Monsanto is a St. Louis-based company that modifies seeds to withstand insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals, and then sells them to farmers to plant as crops.

Some believe eating food from modified plants can lead to health problems and harm the environment.

“You can have genetically modified food if you want. I'm sure I eat some of it, I'm sure some of these people choose not to eat any of it,” participant Steve Todd said. “The point is, why can't we know what's in our food?”

A spokesperson from Monsanto released a statement saying the company respects people's rights to express their opinion, but believes its seeds help farmers produce more food while conserving water and energy.

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