Harrisburg residents react to mayoral primary shakeup

Harrisburg residents say they are energized by Tuesday's mayoral primary results.

Business owner Eric Papenfuse clinched 40 percent of the votes, edging out city controller Dan Miller and incumbent Linda Thompson, respectively.

It's a big shift for a capital city that's drowning in $350 million in debt, and plagued by violent crime.

“Both of them (Miller and Thompson) have served their purpose, but it is time for new blood,” Midtown resident Bill Cooper said.

Cooper said he believes Papenfuse is right for the job because he's not looking to go at it alone.

“I think Eric is going to be open to input from people who know what they are doing, don't have an ax to grind, etc.,” he said.

But with the primary now in the rear-view, the former school teacher turned entrepreneur, certainly has his work cut out for him. Attorney Nevin Mindlin, who first ran against Thompson in 2009, is expected to launch an aggressive campaign over the next six months.

“I don't know too much about that gentleman, but I know whoever he is, he's going to have to bring his work to the table,” city resident Artis Perry said.

Dan Miller's campaign told abc27 even if he gets the 100 write-in votes necessary to get on the November ballot, he likely will not run again.

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