Vineyard at Hershey to branch out to brew

The Vineyard at Hershey is taking on a new look, and the owners say they have their customers to thank for the idea.

Owners listened to those who wanted to drink beer and decided to get a brewing license. Soon, visitors will be able to sit back and enjoy the taste of hand-crafted wine and beer; something seen in other states, but not in Pennsylvania.

“As people drive by the Finger Lakes in New York or the mountains in the Virginia area, you are seeing wineries and breweries coming together,” co-owner Jason Reimer said.

Ryan Delutis is the brew master. He's getting ready to move the equipment to the new location that will be home to both the brewery and winery.

An estimated 20,000 people have visited the Vineyard at Hershey since it opened in February 2012. The addition of the Brewery at Hershey will only add to the experience.

“This will not be a pretentious place to be,” Reimer said. “We like to have fun, and that is the personality of both our wine and beer.”

Brewing is expected to begin next month and beer sales will likely start by August.

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