Katelyn – 5/10/13

This week's Val's Kid is Katelyn.

Suited up and
ready to grill with Chef John Reis at the Hilton Harrisburg. On the menu, her
favorite food…”Shrimp!” said Katelyn, who enjoys fun new experiences.

“I really
like her spunk and her sense of humor,” said Adoption Worker Emily Thompson.

Katelyn also likes auto racing. “I like
NASCAR,” said Katelyn.

This teen already knows what she wants to do when she grows up.
 Wilson College is on the list. “I want to be a lawyer,” said
Katelyn. “She has also said that she wants to be a foster parent too,” said
Thompson. A way to give back, since Katelyn has been in foster care for years.

“It's hard, she is really disconnected from her family and it's hard
not having a permanent family. We are looking for a family that is
structured but will also be flexible and allow her to have age appropriate privileges,”
said Thompson.

Katelyn would like to live in the country. She loves cats and dogs and
would like to stay in touch with her biological siblings. “We want a family that would all her to call visit talk to
them,” said Thompson.

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