Gas prices aren’t so bad, compared to last year

It sounds like gas prices won't go much lower in the near future, but they also won't be increasing much either. 

According to AAA, our gas prices peaked earlier this year.

“We paid the price then, but we are reaping that reward right now,” AAA Central Penn Spokesperson Dorie Weik said.

Now we have lower prices that may last into the summer. As long as there isn't any earth shattering oil or gasoline news in the meantime.

“We are going to see this lower price for a little bit longer than we normally do, ” Weik said. “We should be good probably to the end of June, beginning of July.”

That's great news for Harrisburg resident Jaimie Foster.

” I will be traveling a little bit more. My family will see me in Pittsburgh then if that is the case,” Foster said. “Fingers crossed, because usually Memorial Day it goes higher.”

On Friday, the national average for a gallon of regular was about $3.52. Last month it was $3.64; last year, $3.80.

In Pennsylvania the average was $3.45; last month it was $3.65; last year, $3.84.

In the Harrisburg area it's about $3.38. Gas was $3.60 last month and $3.80 last year.

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