West Shore cyber student allowed to attend prom

The West Shore School District is now allowing a cyber student to attend the Cedar Cliff High School prom and she wants to thank the community, who she says help made it possible. 

“I want to say thank you to everybody for all of their support and help. I am really , really excited that I get to go. I am glad they changed their mind. I hope it means other students like me won't have to go through all this stuff to go their prom next year, and the year after,” said cyber school student Eleanor Lohry.

Her father, Tony Lohry says he got a call from the West Shore School District on Thursday saying his daughter, Eleanor, could attend the prom.

According to state law, cyber students are allowed to attend extracurricular activities in the district where they live.

The West Shore School District previously denied Eleanor Lohry access to the prom, saying it was a social event.

“I do not know what it's going to do for policy, but they have allowed her to go so that has to be a step in the right direction,” said Tony Lohry.

The Lohrys say the support from the community has been overwhelming.

“People picked up on it. It was on the radio, some of the talk show hosts picked up on it, and everybody responded. It is a beautiful thing to see people caring about one another,” he said.

Eleanor Lohry says this will be her first and last prom. She graduates from high school on June 12.


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