Dauphin County officials cracking down on illegal dumping

Thursday afternoon, Dauphin County and Harrisburg city leaders held a press conference near Sycamore and South Cameron Streets. A podium was set up in the middle of an inconspicuous parking lot; the site of some serious illegal dumping.

Trash and furniture had been piling up there for days. The lot is right behind Redeemer Korean Community Church.  A pastor there said he didn't know what to do.

“I started to pray to God…please do something about this,” Pastor Bin Hwang said.

Hwang said his prayers were answered when he heard a crew cleaning up.

Authorities have also nabbed the man they believe to be responsible.

Police say 48-year-old Charles Whittington was taken into custody Thursday afternoon and has been charged with several offenses including criminal mischief and theft. They said Whittington took money from people who thought they were paying to have the trash legally taken to the dump. But instead, they said he illegally dumped it near the corner of Sycamore and South Cameron Streets.

Dauphin County commissioners said that while this site has been cleaned up, Whittington is just one of many offenders in the county.

“Enough is enough,” said commissioner Mike Pries, who oversees the county's Illegal Dumping Task Force and Waste Management and Recycling Department. “We're serious about cracking down on illegal dumping and ridding our streets and neighborhoods of unsightly trash.”

Pries requested that anyone who sees illegal dumping should call police or Dauphin County's Waste Management and Recycling Department at 717-982-6772.

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