Harrisburg Police: man robbed, beaten with bat in Midtown

A man was beaten with a bat in Harrisburg Wednesday night as a robber demanded he give him more money, according to Harrisburg Police. 

The victim, a 51-year-old Midtown man, told police he let his dogs out and stood on his front porch to watch them around 11:35 p.m. He noticed three men walking on the other side of the street. While he was distracted, the he was attacked by one of them who hit him on the legs with a bat.

While hitting him, the robber demanded the victim's valuables. The victim gave the robber a small amount of cash and said that was all he had. Police say the robber, a man wearing dark clothing, kept hitting him and demanded more money. 

Police say the robber and two other men then ran off. 

The three men then walked off. Lieutenant Robert Fegan said he is sure this incident is related to a robbery that took place 20 minutes earlier on the 1400 block of North 3rd Street.  

I have “no doubt it was the same bad guys,” Fegan said.

Fegan said it is also possible that both of these incidents were also related to a shooting investigation on the 1500 block of Naudain Street earlier that night

The victim suffered several contusions and will seek medical attention as needed. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Ryan Neal at 717-255-7299 or Lieutenant Robert Fegan at 717-255-3114.


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