Watertown witness talks to abc27, dodged bullets inside his home

It was after 2am when abc27 spoke with a Watertown shooting witness. At that time he was hiding out in his closet, because gunfire had just ripped through his home.

Kristian Tuinzing was on his computer at 1 a.m. when bullets came pushing through his walls.

War had erupted on his street.

“It's still hard to convey how insane and battlefield like it was,” he told abc27's Alex Hoff over the phone Friday.  

The sound on an otherwise dark YouTube video captured by neighbors provides an idea.

Dauphin County Commissioner Michael Pries was in suburban Boston for a hockey tournament, he describes the emotion of being locked down in a paralyzed city.

“When we found out we couldn't go anywhere near the perimeter a lot of the kids were upset but once we explained to them what was going on they understood the enormity of the situation and how serious it was,” said Pries.

He said it had to be explained with delicacy since the children in the tournament ranged from age 8 to 16.

“We told them there was a situation that was taking place that was related to the Boston Marathon, you'd be surprised how intuitive these kids are,” Pries added in a Friday phone call.  

During the shootout on Laurel Street, Kristian and his roommates used social media to give their eyewitness reports. Their photos were retweeted hundreds of times.
After the incident they were relocated to a neighbor's house. Tuinzing said they didn't asked to be involved, but knows they are now.

“I'm just hoping this can be resolved soon…we just want to go home,” he said.  

The backyard boat where the suspect was later taken into custody on Friday was less than one mile from Tuinzing's home.

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