West Shore School Board votes to close Lemoyne Middle School

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All nine West Shore School Board members voted to closed Lemoyne Middle School Thursday night, effective at the end of the school year.

The cost cutting move is set to save $1.15 million for the school district. Most of those savings are through staff consolidation.

Students will be moved to one of the three other middle schools in the district; Allen, Crossroads, or New Cumberland. District officials are still working out the boundaries for each to decide which students go where.

Nearly 400 students attend Lemoyne in grades 6-8.

In all, officials say 3 teachers will be cut as a result of the closure, but add that most teachers will be offered other positions throughout the district, left vacant by things like retirement.

Other staffing positions are still up in the air, district officials say.

As for the future of the building, board members have already discussed selling it.


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