York mayor announces gun drop off program

The Mayor of York City launched an anonymous gun drop off program Thursday. It's a move to get illegal guns off of the street but not everyone is convinced it will work.

“I don't care where the gun was found or why you have it or who it belongs to all I care about is that the gun is out of the hands of a child and off the streets of the city of York,” said Mayor Kim Bracey.

There are similar programs run in other cities but they offer an incentive, such as money or gift cards, in return for an illegal gun. York's program does not offer anything for returned guns. 

Tony Orr said he thinks that, without an incentive, the program won't work. 

“Its common sense, is he going to give it to them free or is he going to go around the corner and make $125? That kid is going to go around the corner to make $125 instead of handing that gun in,” said Orr, owner of Tony Orr Sons and Daughter Barbershop.

Bracey's announcement comes on the same day as the funeral of the city's latest homicide victim.

According to police, Joseph Gomez, 17, was gunned down Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of McDonald's on South George Street in York. The suspect arrested for his murder was Flair Griggs, 16.

At the press conference Thursday, Bracey called on the community to keep an eye on young people who may be headed in the wrong direction.

Illegal guns can be dropped off at the York Police Station. You can also text the anonymous tip line 717-847-4111.

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