Pa. warns of charity scams after Boston Marathon bombings

In a warning against scams, Secretary of State Carol Aichele said that while many website have been set up related to the Boston Marathon bombings, no charities related to the tragedy have applied to solicit donations in Pennsylvania. 

“Pennsylvanians should be extra cautious if they are asked for funds,” Aichele said. “Unfortunately, whenever there is a tragedy, unscrupulous people prey on the generous nature of Pennsylvanians who want to help.”

Any organization soliciting donations in Pennsylvania is required to register with the Department of State. You can check that database by follow this link:

Industry sites are reporting that more than 125 online domain names related to the bombing have been registered since Monday, as well as a number of Twitter accounts. 

Aichele said resident should not give personal information over the phone or online, unless they are familiar with the organization and that reputable charities should never pressured you into donating on the spot.

“I urge all Pennsylvanians to be cautious and ask questions before donating your hard earned money. If you aren't sure, hang up, leave the website, or check with the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations before giving money,” she said. 

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