Kittens rescued by Harrisburg Police searching for homes


Want a kitten? Harrisburg Police rescued a litter of kittens found at a construction site Thursday morning. Now, they're looking for good homes.

“He looks like an Oreo,” said Harrisburg Police Captain Annette Oates as a black and white kitten clung to her shirt. This one is now hers.

Police found the kittens inside a box and Oates decided to protect and serve them.

“I know I shouldn't be going to get a box of kittens. But, I didn't want anything bad to happen to them,” she said. “I went and got them because I felt kinda bad.”

A kitten calendar, photos of cat memes and other animal-loving decorations around her office show that Oates is a certified animal-lover — not to mention a self-described one, too.

Her decision to helped save six kittens, saved 54 lives when you think about it (one for each cat's 9 lives). But, the move also saved the police department about a $1,000. Oates said it would have cost $140 to drop each kitten off at the Harrisburg Area Humane Society.

“So, it would've been a hefty bill” to drop them off there, Oates said.

Often times, Harrisburg officers are seen struggling with stray dogs, even violent ones. So, and Chief Pierre Ritter were glad to see a happy animal story.

“It's great to do something positive and have a happy feeling you helped someone or helped a four-legged little creature,” Oates said. 

Each kitten (besides Oreo) still needs a good home. Police are offering the kittens free of charge once they are old enough to be adopted. If you are interested, call the Harrisburg Police Department at (717) 255-3131 and ask for Capt. Annette Oates.

“Right now, they're about three weeks-old and they have to be bottle fed. So, um I guess I'm going to be their adopted mother for a while,” chuckled Oates. “(Oreo is) mine, so there's five more.”


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