Earth Day is every day at Mechanicsburg schools

It began
forty three years ago as an outdoor classroom for students of the Mechanicsburg
Area School District. It consists of 30 acres of wooded and open area dedicated
to the study of nature and the environment.

can learn a lot from nature and being outside observing what's presented in a
natural form,” said Edwin Charles, founder of the Trails and Trees
Environmental Center in Upper Allen Township.

thousands of students visit the center for hands-on interaction with nature.

gets them wondering and thinking,” said Charles. “And you can take
what they see and observe back into the classroom and have a followup.”

teacher Paul Garrett has been at the helm of the center for the last decade.
His after school “Green Team” program engages students in issues
directly affecting their environment.

teach organic gardening. We teach them stewardship things,” said Garrett.
“About picking up. About adopting a highway. Picking up around their

When not in
use by the schools, the trails are open to the public and the pavilion and
classrooms can be reserved through the Mechancisburg Parks and Recreation


information: (under Trails and
Trees Environmental Center)

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