Sandy Hook teacher’s new mission inspires kindness in kids

In the four months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, first grade teacher Kaitlin Roig has been very busy.

Roig, who hid her 15 students inside a bathroom during the deadly shooting rampage, says her class has received tens of thousands of cards and gifts from strangers around the country over the last four months.

“It was really hopeful to see the outpouring — to see that everyone just wanted to do their part, whatever that was,” she said.

That inspired her newest labor of love: a website called 'Classes 4 Classes.' It's the backbone of a non-profit foundation aimed at teaching kids to be kind.

“It just really is a place for students to be actively engaged in learning to be caring, compassionate, loving, empathetic little beings — they're so capable of it,” Roig said.

In an interview with abc27's Megan Healey, Roig said she plans to launch her website,, nationwide in September 2013.

Its mission reads, in part: 'to teach every child in our nation to have a genuine interest in the well-being of others, by providing a platform through which to actively engage them in social curriculum.'

Through the website, a classroom can choose to sponsor any other classroom, find out what they are need of (i.e. textbooks, materials, iPads), set a fundraising goal and then solicit donors to fulfill that goal.

“This allows any school, any class to be able to have this experience and they don't have to put a dime towards it,” Roig said. “The premise is really not about what they're getting — it's about the class who's giving and those kids learning the lesson.”

Classes 4 Classes also offers free lesson plans to help teachers include social curriculum into their daily routines.

There are currently 14 active projects on the website, but Roig said she plans to spend the summer marketing her concept.

You can follow Classes 4 Classes on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Classes4Classes) using the hashtag: #C4C.

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