Al Gnoza finds out why truck drivers may loiter in the left lane

A few months ago, abc27 aired a story that took exception to drivers who spend way too much time in the left lane. In Pennsylvania, the left lane is supposed to be used only for passing.

Our story was especially critical of truck drivers who take forever to pass someone.

We received an email from a man named Kenneth, who said he was a truck driver and that most trucking companies install a governor in their trucks which limits how fast they can go.

We went out to a local rest stop to ask truckers if that was the case and if they had governors in their trucks.

“Yes, 65 miles per hour…is as high as we can go,” said Jamie Jones, a tractor trailer operator from Michigan.

“A lot of them are governed at 60 or 61,” said Michael Campbell of Missouri. “That's just part of the deal if a guy gets out and is trying to pass somebody. I can only go 65. It's going to take me a while to pass a truck that's going 63.”

Of course many may remember the days of trucks flying down the Interstate. So what has changed?

“Insurance companies,” said operator Andre Cockerham of Virginia. “They regulate the bigger companies.”

In email exchanges with Kenneth, we asked him why he feels the need to pass someone if he's only going a mile or two an hour faster. He said it's to keep fuel costs down. He said slowing down and speeding up costs more in gas and that the cost is then passed on to the consumer.

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