The Circular to reopen, sneak peek inside

The Circular Dining Room at the Hotel Hershey closed in January for renovations and now, the work is almost done.

The atmosphere can be described as a contemporary throwback. And that's what Food and Beverage Director John Daly said he was hoping for.

“Motivation behind the change, we wanted to stay current, and stay with current trends and remain relevant to the marketplace as it is today,” he said. “And also we wanted to go back and look at the legacy of the room and tie the two together, basically.”

The bar is the focal point, at the center of the circular room.

“When Mr. Hershey opened the dining room in 1933, he actually had a dance floor in the center of the room which was part of the theatre back then, the excitement, the entertainment,” said Daly.

Creators took that inspiration and fused it with today's entertainment, booze and dessert. On one side of the bar, mixologists will serve up drinks. On the other side, they will serve up desserts, including a new item, chocolate fondue.

“Which is actually gonna come out flaming right from the center of the room.,” said Daly.

The rest of the menu is also updated.

“We're gonna feature a number of grilled items. Signature steaks, grilled fish then we'll have some very similar entrees like we had previously,” said Daly. “We're still keeping the scallops, which was very popular.”

Although the décor is different than what it was before, it is actually a throwback to the original room that Milton Hershey built in 1933. The room is still circular and the stained glass windows still shine in the sun. Even the lanterns are designed to match the originals.

“This table that we're actually sitting at is in honor of Milton Hershey. There was a round table always in the center of the room and the reason for that was actually the table Mr. Hershey often entertained at,” said Daly. “Everything we do, we do for his legacy.”

The restaurant will reopen as the Circular on April 23rd. For more information, visit!/TheCircularHershey or

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