It’s hip to snip during NCAA tourney

During the quest to cut down the nets in the NCAA tournament, men are doing a little cutting of their own. March Madness is quickly becoming a popular time for vasectomies.

It's an unofficial “man holiday” – that time of year when hot wings are spun with care, golden beer flows from sparkling taps, and brackets are full of hopes and pride. We're talking about March Madness of course, the NCAA tournament, the “big dance.”

First Four aside, the most anticipated part of the tournament is the first 24 hours of basketball over two days. Inside Arooga's in Downtown Harrisburg, that excitement couldn't be more evident. Fifty TVs were tuned in to every game possible, brackets stained with barbeque sauce littered tabletops, and men like James Baity were giddy with hoop-happiness.

“I'm an NCAA college tournament fan,” he said. “So, I'm really excited about these games.”

So, it's no surprise men will makeup any excuse to play hooky and watch the opening days of the tournament. A few fellas were doing just that. However, for obvious reasons they wanted to remain anonymous.

“[I have called] in sick or maybe their kids sick … something like that,” one said.

Another man said he once used, “car trouble perhaps … something of that nature.”

And there's one wife-approved excuse that comes with a doctors note that is growing in popularity: vasectomies.

Most men agree that in the bracket of life, it's not typically a top seed favorite to, well, get rid of yours. However, doctors are seeing a 50 percent increase of vasectomies around the start of the NCAA tournament.

Urologists explain the 20-minute procedure requires at least two or three days rest. Most men figure they can sit back and watch some B-ball with a bag of frozen peas on their lap.

“I wouldn't do that,” laughed Baity. “That wouldn't be my excuse.”

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