CV board of directors approves “Bring Your Own Device”

Cumberland Valley's Board of School Directors approved a “Bring Your Own Device” plan, meaning students, staff and guests will be able to access the internet through an open network on their personal mobile devices.

According to Amy Lena and Michelle Virtue—the district's Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology supervisors—the plan will allow students to “use the tools of their generation to accelerate learning.”

As per the Children's Internet Protection Act, filters will remain in place to block pornography and obscenities on the web.

The “Bring Your Own Device” plan does not require students to have internet-capable mobile devices, but instead it allows access for those who choose to bring a device to school.

Teachers and administrators will receive technological training and encouragement to use that technology in the classroom.

“Internet-ready devices” include laptops, tablets (Kindle, iPad, etc), MP3 players/iPods and smartphones that are able to connect to the web.

The administration also recommended a five-year technology plan to update existing—and purchase limited new—devices provided by Cumberland Valley using the Windows 8 system. The average age of computers in the district was approximately 6 years.

This proposal is based on the idea that, as more students begin to use their own devices, the district will have less of a need to buy new technology.

The district would release a list of compatible devices in the spring. However internet-ready devices, new or old, will be permitted under “Bring Your Own Device” no matter what operating software is used.

Administrators provided a timeline for the implementation of the “Bring Your Own Device”plan:

– December 2012—upgrade infrastructure

– January 2013—appoint technology specialists

– January to August 2013—educate CV stakeholders

– August 2013—begin “Bring Your Own Device”

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