First day of spring feels like winter

Spring is supposed to be that transitional season between winter and summer, but across the midstate it still feels like winter. At the Stauffer's of Kissel Hill garden center in Lebanon, it feels more like spring inside.

“We're ready. We're ready for when the weather breaks,” said Jay Good, Stauffer's Of Kissel Hill Merchandise Manager. “There's not a lot you can plant out unless the plants are dormant. Like trees and shrubs can be planted now.”

But if your spring fever has you itching to plant flowers, pansies are your only safe bet.

“The flowers look wilted in the morning with that low temperature, but they'll soon perk up as soon as the sun hits them,” said Good.

Over at the Lebanon County Builder's Show, people aid they are also ready for some sun.

“We're excited to welcome spring, even though there's snow on the ground, we're looking forward to the warm weather and the summer ahead here,” said Nate Wenger, Chairman of the 2013 Builder's Show and vice president of Tri Valley Contractors. “The Lebanon County Builder's sow is really the kick-off to spring in the Lebanon County area and the surrounding areas,” Wenger said.

At the show, you can plan any home or garden renovation. Midstate contractors said the show is typically the busiest week of the year.

“Tax refunds,” said Wenger, as he laughed. “It's a good kick-off to the spring and summer season.”

For more information on the show, visit

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