‘Axe’ body spray given the axe at one Pa. high school

Spring is in the air. Unless, of course, you are standing too close to someone who got a little trigger-happy with an aerosol aroma.

“With some people it kind of gives you a headache,” said one York City resident. “It's pretty intense.”

The smell was more than just intense for one student at Freedom High School in Bethlehem. It's why the school is now urging all those inside to lay off.

According to their website:

“This student has been transported to the hospital by ambulance for emergency medical treatment due to this student being exposed to axe body spray.”

Like a growing number of midstate facilities, the Allergy and Asthma Consultants of York is 'scent-free,' meaning they do not permit the wearing of perfume or cologne inside.

“They think, 'Why is my nose always runny? What is causing this?'” said Condoda Smith-Boyle, a nurse practitioner.

Smith-Boyle says she is seeing more of these cases, people who are allergic to perfumes, oils, even scented candles…and don't know it.

“Physiologically what happens is that the odors pass over the tissues in the nose and the receptors start to cause some inflammation—it causes mucus,” she said.

That poses a big problem for a person with allergies or asthma because the increased mucus could provoke an asthma attack.

So how does one politely address someone whose scent is bothersome?

“Sometimes I will write a letter on behalf of the patient saying they are exacerbated by these odors, and it leaves the patient out of the middle in the workplace,” said Smith-Boyle.

'Unilever' is the company behind Axe body spray. They say they are now looking into what happened to that high school student.

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