West Shore Theatre to raise money to buy digital film projector

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People have been watching movies at the West Shore Theatre in New Cumberland since
1940.  Fred Bollen bought the business 27 years ago but he needs to make upgrades to stay current.

Bollen says it's time to replace his outdated 35 mm film projector with a digital model.  Bollen wants to replace the current big screen and provide other important renovations. 

He plans on funding some of the improvements, but he is asking for donations from anyone who would like to help.

Bollen watched some of his favorite movies at the West Shore Theatre when he was growing up. He now plans on keeping costs down to the customer, but feels the improvements are needed going forward to help stay competitive.

Anyone who wants to help can send a donation to West Shore Theatre Digital Fund, P.O. Box 684,
New Cumberland, PA  17070.

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