State rep proposes bill to have retired police officers in every public school

State Representative Mike Regan of York and Cumberland Counties has proposed a bill that calls for an armed, retired police officer in all public schools.

He says it is not a new concept. He saw those retired officers work very well in federal buildings when he worked as a U.S. Marshall.

“We had a lot of success over the year with those guys so it's the same concept,” said Regan. “I'm just applying it to the school.”

Perhaps the biggest question with the idea would be cost.

Regan says using retired law enforcement officers would be cheaper since they already have their health benefits.

He says the cost of the program could be covered by proceeds from Governor Corbett's proposed privatization of the liquor stores.

“Money's tight as you know. It's going to be difficult to fund it, but I think we just need to prioritize and find a way, because what could be more important than keeping our kids safe.”

Regan acknowledges that there will be people opposed to the bill and the idea behind it.

“There's some people that just don't want a gun in school. But I think when you're dealing with a highly trained, highly seasoned professional, the percentages for an accident are way down.”

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