Lancaster Co. ranks third worst in nation for gender wage gap

Friday was International Women's Day, but instead of celebrating their empowerment in Lancaster County, many are wondering why they're facing the third worst pay-gap in the nation.

“It's really just a slap in the face,” said Maureen Powers, CEO of the YWCA of Lancaster.

Powers has never taken well to discrimination and says so while surrounded by 124 years' worth of Women's history.

“When I graduated from college, women were making 59 cents on a dollar,” she said.

The national average is now 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. It's still far from equal, but better than right here.

According to the website “24/7 Wall Street,” women in Lancaster County pull in just around two-thirds of what their male counterparts make.

“I've been in the business world for almost 20 years, and I work with a lot of men that I like, but to think they could be making more than me made me bitter for a moment!” said Natasha Dorazio.

Powers says a major problem is that women often don't know they are making less, and some women may even fear speaking up.

“There are certain pay levels for every job, but they should be the same regardless of a man or a woman,” said recent college graduate Michael Kilpatrick.

Current stats may have something to do with Lancaster County's manufacturing history, but according to Powers, that is no excuse.

“We should be asking why fields that are predominately women not valued,” adds Powers.

Only two counties made out worse in the study, both in Utah.

Los Angeles was ranked best: their women make 91 cents for every dollar a man earns.

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