Pa. lawmaker wants study on merger of game, fish commissions

A Pennsylvania lawmaker has introduced a resolution calling for a study to look into a possible merger of the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania
Fish and Boat Commission.

Rep. Martin Causer, R-McKean, chairman of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, said Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation where management and
oversight of fishing, boating and wildlife activities are managed by two
independent agencies.

“In these challenging economic times, it's appropriate to study the
commissions' operations and see if we might be able to do things better
and more efficiently with one organization rather than two,” Causer said.

Causer's resolution calls on the Legislative Budget and
Finance Committee to study the financial feasibility, impact,
costs and savings that could come from combining the agencies.

He said a similar study conducted 10 years ago showed such a merger
would save money, but no legislative action resulted from
the findings.

House Resolution 129 will be referred to the House Game and Fisheries Committee for consideration.

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