Catalytic converters stolen from auto dealer

Police are investigating the theft of 15 catalytic converters from new trucks in the parking lot of a Cumberland County auto dealer.

Silver Spring Township police said the emissions control devices were stolen from diesel-fueled Dodge trucks at Cumberland Valley Motors, at 6720 Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, between Saturday evening and Monday morning.

The loss from the theft was reported to be more than $81,000, police said.

Fred Deimler, a mechanic at Auto First, said thieves can steal a catalytic converter in just minutes and target the anti-pollution devices for their metals.

“A Sawzall and about two minutes you can get most of them out. A lot of them, especially on the bigger trucks, it's just a matter of cutting them,” Deimler said. “Inside of them there's like a honeycomb material. It's actually got precious metals like platinum, zinc, just about everything under the sun.”

Anyone who witnessed the thefts or who has information about the crime is asked to call the Silver Spring Township Police Department at (717) 238-9676 or (717) 697-0607.

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