“Milk Smashing” videos go viral, spark midstate copycats

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A young man strolls through the supermarket with two 1-gallon containers of milk when all of a sudden… Whoops.

Yeah, there's some shock value to it, but the general consensus among the shoppers we talked to was that this prank was less funny than it is messy and mean.

“My initial reaction was that it was pretty funny but that they are pretending to be hurt and concerning other shoppers… That's not cool,” said one shopper from the dairy section of the Giant in Susquehanna Township  

Not cool at all, according to assistant Dauphin County Assistant District Attorney, Fran Chardo.   
“I didn't find it particularly funny,” he said after we showed him the video.  

Neither did police in Franklin County. Three teens were caught for replicating the prank this week in their own grocery store. They have been charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

“The maximum penalty is $300 in fines plus court costs, but it can have other consequences now more than ever,” said Chardo.  

Consequences that will tarnish a young person's record.

Talk about crying over spilled milk. (Which they might, if they ever apply for a job that requires a background check.)  

“Giant Food Stores are on alert and monitoring the situation. We are aware that this is happening in Central Pennsylvania,” said Giant Rep. Chris Brand.

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