‘Live’ band members bring fiber optic network to York

A major launch party took place Thursday in York. In attendance were heavyweights in Indy car racing, leaders in technology, and a couple rock stars.

Live lead guitarist Chad Taylor did the honors, announcing that he and his bandmates' company, Think Loud, invested in a brand new high-speed fiber optic network.

“Fiber optic data doesn't sound sexy and cool for a guy in a rock band to be into it,” said Taylor.

But they are. The question is why?

The company, United Fiber and Data, will open their corporate headquarters inside of the old Bi-Comp building, offering up around 100 new city jobs.

“With open arms we welcome United Fiber and Data to create new jobs in our community,” Mayor Kim Bracey said.

The team said the high speed technology will attract major corporations to the area. Network lines will stretch over 300 miles from New York to Virginia, then traverse through Pennsylvania. Data centers will be built in Reading, Allentown, Lancaster and York.

UFD plans to get the word out with an associate sponsorship of an Indy race car for Pennsylvania's own Marco Andretti, who was on hand for the announcement.

For a band that got their start in York, they said it's about giving back. With this in mind, state Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York) called the band heroic.

“That's what heroes are about,” he said. “It's people who pay back for all their success.”

Taylor added that it's more than investing in a sustainable future for the state.

“It's really about the people here and connecting to the globe,” he said.

Construction on the fiber lines has already started on the northern end. Investors said work will begin in York in about 90 days.

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