Parents, teachers on edge over possible middle school closure

Will Lemoyne Middle School close its doors for good? That's still up in the air, but not for too long. School officials expect a final decision sometime in April.

The whole ordeal has many in the district on edge.

At Thursday night's West Shore School District Board meeting, the topic wasn't even on the agenda, but that doesn't mean plenty of people aren't worried about it.

“People are on edge…the district the teachers, the students and parents are all on edge,” district teacher Eric Graybill said. “Political and financial decisions have educational impacts.”

At a meeting last week, the board opted to further investigate closing Lemoyne Middle School. Before that decision was made they also considered shutting down New Cumberland Middle School.

District officials said losing the school will save over $1 million. Most of the savings would come in the form of teacher and staffing cuts. Some student redistricting would occur.

If officials decide to close Lemoyne, it would take effect next school year.

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