Lancaster judge charged by Pa. conduct board

The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board is taking steps to discipline a Lancaster County district judge who admitted she used her position to dismiss her own traffic tickets.

The board on Friday filed formal charges against Kelly Ballentine, of Lancaster, who now faces a trial before the Court of Judicial Discipline.

The court will determine possible sanctions against Ballentine, including reprimand, suspension or removal from office.

Ballentine on Feb. 1 pleaded guilty to three counts of tampering with public records. State prosecutors said she dismissed a ticket for an expired registration on her BMW sedan and two tickets for parking
violations in front of her North Street home, all violations that occurred within her district.

The citations were issued by Lancaster City police in November 2010. When the fines went unpaid and Ballentine was sent a
summons, she went into court records and dismissed the charges, authorities said.

The 44-year-old Ballentine had served as an elected district judge since January 2006. She was suspended with pay after criminal charges were filed against her in February 2012.

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