Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z to perform in Hershey

They have 23 Grammy awards, have sold 67 million albums, and are about to launch the biggest concert event of the summer.

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are performing together for just 12 concerts at stadiums like Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and Hersheypark Stadium.

Just how did little ol' Hershey land this huge concert? Hershey Entertainment spokeswoman Melissa Stradnick said there are two reasons: Live Nation and a hot concert resume.

Hersheypark Stadium may stand cold and empty in February, but Stradnick anticipated a sellout crowd when the “Legends of the Summer” tour stops in August.

Hershey is one of only a dozen venues in the U.S. and Canada to host the tour.

Stradnick said Hershey got on the list, thanks in part, to a good relationship with Live Nation, which consistently gets sweet tours to perform in the Sweetest Place on Earth.

She said success could not be achieved without fans. The fact that they continue to fill the stands summer after summer was a big draw.

“They're very hot right now, very in the know. So for them to be coming to Hershey is amazing,” Stradnick said. “It's really, really neat to be on the map as your New York's and some of the really major markets, it's exciting.”

The concert will be August 4. Tickets prices range from $45 to $255.

Some pre-sales are already underway. Citibank credit card holders can pre-order through Ticketmaster.

Pre-sale orders for everyone begin Wednesday. Ticket sales to the general public begin Thursday.

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