Harrisburg barber a part of Black History

Charles Wallace starting cutting hair in 1964 and decided to open his own business four years later.

Wallace opened his barbershop near 10th and Market Streets, and he says he has provided nearly 2 million hair cuts in the six decades that he has been in business.

Wallace says the barbershop is more than a place to get a haircut. He says over the years, barbershops can serve as the pulse of the community.

Wallace remembers the climate during the Civil Rights Movement in his shop as a time when members of the African-American community were united and working together to help those in need.

Wallace says one of the most uncertain times in his shop was during the Three Mile Island scare in the late 70s.

“A lot of people had their opinions” said Wallace, “but some people decided they were not going to leave the area no matter what happened.”

Wallace says community outreach is key going forward and he takes time out to remind people who visit his shop about the importance of early detection screening for colon and prostate cancer.

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