HIA plans to tear down old terminal by end of 2013

The old terminal that sits vacant on the grounds of Harrisburg International Airport may soon be just a memory.

HIA spokesman Scott Miller said the airport is waiting on congressional funding in hopes of tearing down the old terminal later this year.

Miller said the airport is ready to put out bids to remove the old terminal and two other buildings at the airport. He said they have the financing lined up and are just waiting for one grant to come through.

He said they do have some plans to develop the land once the building is cleared, but he said anything that is built there would be aviation-related because of the shape of the plot.

“There have been a lot of suggestions over the years, things that just shouldn't be at an airport,” said Miller. “It's a prime piece of real estate because it's so close to the runway and the ramp area, however it's a narrow piece of land.”

We talked to some long-time midstate fliers who would like to see the building renovated and used.

“Well I think maybe restaurants would be a good possibility,” said Deborah Wentz of Carlisle, who feels that would be better than tearing it down. “I hate to see it go. We flew in and out of it a lot.”

“I don't like when they tear down landmarks,” said Kelly Stark, who is from Lebanon but now lives in California. “I think they should make quaint restaurants in there and make maybe a couple of boutiques or something. But tearing down landmarks, I think it's a big mistake.”

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