DEP: Camp Hill released sewage into creek since 2011

The Borough of Camp Hill has handed over documents detailing when it illegally bypassed pumping stations and allowed raw sewage to pour into the Conodoguinet Creek, according to the Department of Environmental Protection.

DEP spokeswoman Lisa Kasianowitz said that while the documents detail when, where and how many gallons of raw sewage were released, the information she can give out is limited.

“I cannot release early estimates for the sewage discharges, however they primarily happened in 2011 and have been speckled since then,” said Kasianowitz.

Kasianowitz said the borough has set up an interim plan to handle any possible future bypasses.

“It will be chlorinated or partially chlorinated, therefore lessening the impact on the environment, but they will also make sure that they report to DEP that they are discharging like they are required to do,” said Kasianowitz.

Earlier this month, Camp Hill Borough Manager Gary Kline released a statement to abc27 News saying the borough's system cannot handle heavy rain and so they were faced with a difficult decision to either bypass their pumping stations or allow sewage to back up into people's homes.

The borough has never addressed why they decided not to inform DEP of the bypasses.

“I did receive a few emails from residents concerned about sicknesses from the creek and they were very disappointed that this happened and that they were not informed of the discharge,” Kasianowitz said. “Residents in the area are concerned about this and a little disturbed that they were not informed.”

Kasianowitz said the DEP investigation is ongoing and Camp Hill Borough could be fined.

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